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French Lavender Bundle


French Lavender Bundle

Experience the relaxation of the spa from the comfort of your home with our French Lavender Bundle. Immerse yourself in the warm, silky richness of whole milk, powdered sugar, and baking soda, close your eyes, and float off to the tranquility of fragrant lavender fields as the stresses of the day dissolve away. For added softness add a few drops of our Calming Lavender Body Oil to your bathwater, and end your home spa treatment with our luxuriously rich Lavender Calming Cream.

Our French Lavender Calming Cream is formulated to soften and offer soothing relief of chronic dry skin and psoriasis irritation.

French Lavender Calming Oil, unwind with this relaxing, aromatherapeutic oil promoting natural stress and tension relief. Can be used as a post-shower body oil, face oil, hair oil, or relaxing bath oil. 

Our French Lavender Milk Bath is designed to help soothe your mind and body with it’s skin-softening formula to help combat itchiness, soothe skin conditions such as extreme dryness, eczema and psoriasis. It’s natural and luxurious rich creamy formula leaves skin buttery-smooth and hydrated.