NW Therapeutics

About Us

Our Daily Work

At NW Therapeutics it is our daily passion to create the most effective natural, herbal-based, chemical-free products for the body.

Our Purpose:

To enhance your well-being and enrich your lives by providing clean skincare free of all known carcinogens, as well as educating the consumer about the benefits of herbal-based skincare and wellness.

Our Story:

We began our quest in 1998. Judith Caporiccio—then an aspiring herbal pharmacist and seasoned bio–chemist—was searching for an effective, chemical-free treatment for her daughter Kat’s extreme case of eczema. After consulting several dermatologists, endless prescriptions that burned and thinned her skin, and discouraged by the thought of spending her life dependent on steroids, Judith went to work and created what is now our Res-Q-Derm Skin Repair. Today Dr. Judith Caporiccio is a Naturopathic Physician with a thriving practice in Tri–Cities, Washington. Kat is now the CEO and Owner of NW Therapeutics, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, and shares the sensational full line of therapeutics skincare and body products through the web, and farmer’s markets, retailers, and medical professionals in the PDX area.

Our commitment:

This Mother-and-Daughter team have dedicated twenty-ones years, thus far, pioneering the process of herbal infusion of effective selected herbs and natural materials to provide a healing skin and body care line, free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, preservatives, fragrances, and sodium laurel sulfate. Our products are safe and a pleasure to use. They work as promised and are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. NW Therapeutics commitment to make products that are better for you is unwavering, and our promise is to always surprise you with new and innovating ways of meeting those commitments.