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All-natural Aloe Juice Hand Santizer

Using Natural Grain Alcohol (99%)

Our active ingredient, grain alcohol, is proven to eliminate 99% of surface bacteria, and deeply nourishing Aloe Vera combined with naturally-derived Vitamin E help safeguard the hands from losing moisture during and after use.


Natural Essential Oils

Including our in-house infusion of full-spectrum CBD, Arnica, and Ginger topical oil infusion


All natural soap bar

The simplicity of nature.

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The most effective natural, herbal based, chemical free products for the body

Our daily passion is to enhance your well being and enrich your lives by providing clean skin care free of all known carcinogens, as well as educating the consumer of these harmful contaminants.

What People are saying

I have used this for my knee issues, (hot spots, pain from a past hyper extension injury) that in the past have kept me awake at night. This product works almost immediately!! It is better than anything else on the market. I swear by it, & now keep the largest one in stock at my house, & use the smaller ones for travel. Thank-you SO MUCH for creating this amazing product.

– Brenda (after purchase of Traumica Maxx)

Our Ingredients

When it comes to ingredients, we pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and transparency. We make our products with the maximum organic, natural and wild ingredients, and carefully select our emulsifiers with a view of safety, efficacy and biodegradability. We are incredibly proud of our unique formulas, and we’re just as proud of all the bad things we leave out. We love proving that the best things in life come from nature and that we don't need harmful ingredients or animal testing to create safe, effective products that you and the whole family will love!

What's in your lotion?

Most body, baby, and household products are hazardous to your health. Over 10,000 ingredients, commonly used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, proven carcinogens, neurotoxins reproductive toxins, hormone disruptors, pesticides, engine degreasers and plasticizers, Exposure occurs daily through skin absorption, every time you apply lotion, soap, deodorant, shampoo, body wash, etc. Ingredients are absorbed into your skin, continue into your bloodstream and accumulate in your organs. NW Therapeutics is committed to never using toxic chemicals and only the finest all natural, toxic free and wild crafted ingredients.

Our guarantee

Our products are safe and a pleasure to use. They work as promised and are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. NW Therapeutics commitment to make products that are better for you is unwaivering, and our promise, is to always surprise you with new and innovating ways of meeting those commitments.

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