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It's Okay To Celebrate!


We have all had our share of challenges, heartbreak, and loss over the past months. Usually, as we approach our anniversary month, we do it with such celebration and accomplishment in our hearts. This year, as I began to write to you all about the success of being in business these 21 years, I had to stop and wonder, “is it okay, at a time like this to celebrate?” I can’t think of another time in my life, or since I started this business, that compares to our current situation. So as I pondered on how to bring you this anniversary message it occurred to me that victories and milestones in general can be hard to come by, but these days we absolutely must take the time to celebrate every accomplishment! We must reach each milestone with gratitude—even the small stuff.

September 1st marks the humble start of this incredible company twenty-one years ago, and I could not be more grateful to still be here. I am honored that I get to continue to bring your home the most amazing products, engineered by the most amazing woman, my Mama. This month also marks my 51st year on earth, as well as the birth of my grandson, and not to mention the 1st anniversary of our store front Herboriste! This store has been a dream for many years, and we are overwhelmed with gratitude to have been able to continue to serve you this past year in person, and to provide you with not just our products, but an incredible hand selected line of CBD products.

Many of you have been with me from the beginning. As I have watched all the orders pour in on the first day of our anniversary sale I have been so touched to see so many familiar names; I see you and I thank you! Thank you to all of our dedicated customers who have stuck with us these many years through thick, and thin. And thank you to all of our newfound customers who have found us through word of mouth and recommendation—welcome to the family! What was once just two of us with a dream, is now a team of seven of the most beautiful and talented women that I have the pleasure of working with every day. Speaking for the whole team, we salute you! Thank you for another incredible year of growth, and for allowing us to come into your homes with our products.

Navigating through this time will not be a journey measured in months and miles, but rather in our milestones. We will turn discouragement into encouragement, and elevate our hardships into the miraculous. And that’s a real reason to celebrate!

- Kat, the Owner 

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