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Home, Family, Health.....

Home, Family, Health.....


I never would have imagined twenty years ago, stirring pots of oils and butters on my kitchen stove, would lead me to where I am today. I had a dream and a mission, to feed my kids and stay home with them—all five of them! As I approach my 20th farmer’s market season and reflect on this, it reminds me of the drive I had to lovingly make the products that would change my life and that of my kiddos. At the time I would buy just what I needed to make a small batch of, what was then, Hand & Foot Butter, sell it ALL, and buy more ingredients. I did this over and over, every weekend, and so the story has gone these many years. 

I have always said that my story is one of desperation, not inspiration, but it has also been a tale of hard work and perseverance! I didn’t know when I started this journey of humble roots that I would one day be building an empire. Over these many years my journey has evolved in so many ways, save one, my absolute dedication to my customers. 

So many of you have been with me since my kids were babies, and have seen me through all the ups and downs of running a family business, and I am so grateful for the support in the good times, and most especially, the rough spots. It is for these treasured people that I remain as accessible as possible today. Thanks to all of you, we have grown beyond our dreams. 

I am still active in the everyday running of the business, and on any given day I could be answering the phones or rubbing your hands at a farmer’s market! It is my pledge to you to always remain present, available, and grateful for your continued support. As I head into this summer, I feel ready to embark on the next 20 years of providing you with exceptional skin care and reaching for the stars to grow our little company around the globe! I felt the need for pause, to say thank you for always being there, for being part of my journey, and part of my family. I wish you all a safe and happy summer!

  • Kat, Owner of NW Therapeutics

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