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CBD Bestseller Bundle


CBD Bestseller Bundle
CBD Bestseller Bundle CBD Bestseller Bundle

Our bestselling CBD products, all in one bundle! This bundle is multi-functional and has something for everyone including: pain relief, relaxation, a clear mind, sleep aid, and more! It is the perfect choice for that hard-to-shop-for giftee, or if you're wanting to take the plunge and introduce CBD into your wellness routine, but unsure of where to start! 

This Bestseller Bundle Includes:

- Redwood Reserves Loosie CBD Cigarette: Customers love the near-immediate benefits of CBD and pleasing tasting notes of citrus, earthy, and sweetness, via inhalation. Their organically-grown hemp flower is rich in terpenes and CBD, providing pain relief and relaxation after a long day. An individual cigarette contains 0.8 grams of hemp flower (no nicotine or fillers) and 80-100mg of CBD.

*Loosies come in Unflavored and Menthol Flavor. Please specify preference in "Special Requests" form at cart checkout.

- Fleur Chocolatte CBD Cherry Truffle: At Fleur Chocolatte each confection is handmade with zealous adherence to European tradition: no dyes, no preservatives, no paraffin wax, high cocoa content, cane sugar, creamy butter and heavy cream. Our custom-made CBD Cherry Truffle includes rich ganache that your taste buds will not soon forget and features 5mg of CBD per truffle making for a decadent afternoon pick-me-up!

- Original Hemp Energy Blister Pack: These doctor-formulated capsules are infused with Green Tea Leaf Extract, and ingredients, designed to support your energy production via metabolism processes, like: L-Tyrosine, Coenzyme Q-10, and Vitamin B12. These ingredients, paired with 25mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, result in an effective supplement for healthier energy production and antioxidant protection.

- Traumica Maxx 2oz Cream: Our Naturopathic physician-formulated cream combines the analgesic affects of hemp-derived CBD, with powerful anti-inflammatories arnica flower, ground ginger, and our signature 13-part essential oil blend for a topical CBD product that actually works. It can be used on rheumatoid arthritis, nerve pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, neuropathy, carpal tunnel, stiff joints, sore muscles, sports injuries, inflammation, bruise prevention, and many more everyday aches and pains.

-cbdMD 300mg CBD Tincture: Our best-selling oil tincture uses broad-spectrum, USA-grown hemp extract, to deliver 10mg of CBD per serving, THC-free. It can be directly ingested or held sublingually for fast-acting benefits!

 *Tincture comes in Berry, Orange, and Mint flavors. Please specify preference in "Special Requests" form at cart checkout.

- Diamond CBD Relax Gummies: Our best-selling gummies are the most popular option for sleep improvement. Each gummy is infused with 6.5mg of hemp-derived CBD and melatonin, and makes the perfect addition to your nightly wellness routine!