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Exhale Vitamin Sublingual Spray


Exhale Vitamin Sublingual Spray
Exhale Vitamin Sublingual Spray Exhale Vitamin Sublingual Spray

When allergy season hits, you need a solution that acts fast without leaving you sluggish and unable to focus (hint hint: antihistamines). Essentics Vis' Exhale is the perfect solution for allergy symptoms like stuffy sinuses, itchy throats, and watery eyes. Its super-high absorption means that it delivers you instant relief, endowing you with the curative properties of superstar plants like nettle, feverfew, and peppermint to give you the strength and wellness you need to take on the day.

It clears your sinuses and revitalizes lung strength to help you breathe easy day and night. Spray two pumps of Exhale every morning during allergy season to ward off yucky symptoms and then throw the bottle in your bag for a pick-me-up anytime you need. Our team loves this spray because it’s fast-acting, natural, and seriously effective.

  • Soothes the effects of allergies
  • Formulated with nettle, feverfew + peppermint oil
  • Encourages the elimination of toxins and mucus for clear sinuses
  • Revitalizes lung vitality and strength
  • 10x more effective than pills and absorbed within 30 seconds
  • Gluten and allergen free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free

Ingredients: Purified water, natural fructose, glycerin, cayenne fruit extract, polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), bioflavonoids (rose hips extract), trace minerals, potassium sorbate (preservative), rebaudioside A (stevia leaf extract). Proprietary blend of: echinachea purpurea leaf, feverfew leaf, ginger root, ginkgo biloba leaf, goldenseal root, wild lettuce leaf, nettle leaf, parsley leaf, valerian root, wood betony (aerial parts).