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Pain Relief Bundle


Pain Relief Bundle

This bundle is the ultimate treat for tired, aching feet and sore muscles after a long day. Soaking and cleansing your feet in hot water reduces inflammation and stimulates circulation, bringing congested blood to the dilated vessels in the feet and lower legs. Sink your feet into the cooling Traumica Maxx Foot Soak and soak your stress away. Follow up with the Res-Q-Derm Plus for extra moisture for stubborn calluses and cracked heels, and for further discomfort in the calves and shins the Traumica Maxx Cream will provide the finishing touch to the ultimate pain relieving experience.

Traumica Maxx CBD Foot Soak contains our unique blend of herbs including arnica flower, ginger root, and full-spectrum CBD hemp flower; and our proprietary blend of essential oils for maximum anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits—exactly what your feet need after an exhausting day. 

Traumica Maxx Maximum Strength Formula, is a hemp-derived CBD cream, and our most powerful solution for extreme pain relief. We combine the incredible analgesic benefits of cannabis sativa hemp oil with anti-inflammatories: organic arnica flower, ground ginger, and our thirteen-part essential oil blend, for a pain-relief cream that truly works.

Res-Q-Derm Plus Skin Repair was created after much research to further the fight against eczema. We have blended three of the most healing herbs known in the holistic community, and infused in-house: calendula flowers for its anti-inflammatory and skin calming properties, comfrey for its allantoin for the regeneration of cells, and cannabis sativa hemp oil for its anti-inflammatory and powerful anti-itch effects.