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Foot Care Bundle


Foot Care Bundle
Foot Care Bundle Foot Care Bundle

We bring the spa to you with this therapeutic Foot Care Bundle. Begin your treatment with a relaxing soak, followed by a gentle pumice to get rid of dry, flaky skin, and apply the Res-Q-Derm to your softened feet. Last but not least, for extra tired legs and shins apply the super rich Traumica Cream which provides instant relief and was designed to target specific areas of pain; apply to affected area and rub gently until absorbed.

Our cooling and detoxifying Peppermint Foot Soak is effective enough for the toughest of feet, but gentle enough for a relaxing night in. Immerse your feet in the cooling whole milk powder, sit back and enjoy the delight of mint and lavender whilst softening the feet with our creamy formula.

Res-Q-Derm Skin Repair is an extremely concentrated ointment for skin conditions such as eczema, cracked heels, split fingers, lacerations, burns, scabbing, scarring and wound care. 

Traumica Cream Advanced Formula is a fast acting anti-inflammatory and pain relieving cream. This rich cream is heavily infused with organic arnica flowers and ground ginger and can be used as an effective natural product for arthritis, carpal tunnel, stiff joints, sore muscles, sports injuries, inflammation, bruise prevention, and many more everyday aches and pains.