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With the Fourth of July just around the corner, consider utilizing CBD this year for your pets anxiety!



So many of our fur babies suffer from noise aversion, due to fireworks, during the Fourth of July. Help your anxious pet this year with our MediPets CBD Pet Treats. They're a tasty way to provide anti-anxiety benefits of CBD for your pet during this stress-inducing day (and are 10% off till Saturday 11:59pm)! We currently have two flavors in stock. Both treat jars offer 100mg per jar, and each MediPets Beef Wrap treat contains approximately 3mg of CBD. These treats are ideal for small dogs, whereas our MediPets Meaty Steak Treats contain approximately 5.5mg per treat, and would work better for larger dogs!

While these treats are extremely helpful during the Fourth, they're also a great addition to the pet treat shelf all year long! They are helpful for older dogs with aches and pains, or pets that experience general anxiety.

If you are local to the PDX area, please remember you can order online for curbside pickup (option at checkout) or give our local storefront, Herboriste by NW Therapeutics, a call and order over the phone at: (360) 433-2152, Monday-Saturday: 10am-4pm.

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